How to Turn Around a Slow-Enrolling Trial

6 Practical Solutions for Life Science Professionals

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About the Authors

Dan McDonald
Vice President, Business Development
Scott Treiber
Executive VP, Biopharmaceutical Development & General Manager


Dan is a seasoned executive with nearly 15 years of clinical research experience. He has been published numerous times in industry trade magazines and journals and has authored chapters in several books on patient recruitment.

Scott is an experienced clinical development professional with 20+ years in the industry. His expertise includes clinical operations, medical affairs, data management, pharmacovigilance/safety, and medical writing.

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Common factors behind slow enrollment

Find out what causes lags in enrollment and what you can do to avoid these scenarios.

Discovering the root of the problem

Learn how to identify the true challenges your team is facing.

See what steps you should take to get your team ready for an enrollment surge.

Getting management on board

We'll provide tips for getting key players engaged at just the right time.

Creating a plan of attack 

Energizing sites and other stakeholders

These strategies won't work without all of the key players. Hear tips on how to get sites engaged.

Execution and performance tracking

Learn how to monitor your performance and report on results.

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