Tricks of the Trade

Recruitment & Retention Planning for Unique Study Types

Focus on Chronic, Acute, Rare, and Geriatric Programs


In efforts to raise the bar for medical advancement, clinical trials are growing increasingly complex. This complexity, more often than not, leads to delays in enrollment.

In this ebook, we'll take a look at 4 case studies for unique study types, and examine the unique factors to consider during planning. 

You'll learn to simplify your trial and avoid costly delays.

Setting the Stage




Dive into recruitment case studies for Pulmonary Disease, Gout, Raynaud's, and Alzheimer's.

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Planning Considerations

Four Case Examples

Examine the 8 key criteria to consider in planning a recruitment or retention program.

Take a look at clinical studies through the eyes of each of the stakeholders in study success.

What's Inside?

"Melynda's ebook is an excellent strategic outline for enrollment planning and risk mitigation. It also provides an adaptive process for proactive metrics tracking that can facilitate rapid resolutions for unexpected enrollment issues!"

- Rick O'Hara
Associate Director, Clinical Outsourcing

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